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Aimed at Younger Vets

Vero Beach Veterans Next Generation is a subset of the club aimed at veterans of the recent conflicts in the Middle East and the War on Terror. With its own leadership and meetings “Vero Vets Next Gen” gives younger veterans an opportunity to get together with other vets in their age group who are more active. Family Picnics, Volunteer Opportunities, and evening get togethers are some of the type of events put on.

Family and Volunteer Activities

Younger vets are more active and tend to have families so our events include Family Picnics, Volunteer Opportunities, Group Exercises, and Evening Get Togethers are some of the type of events put on by Vero Vets Next Gen.We also run a PTSD support group for those that need assistance returning to civilian life.

Next Generation Meetings 2nd Monday of the month @6pm

PTSD Support Group 2nd Wednesday of the month @6pm  Meetings led by a representative of the Indian River County Mental Health Assoc.


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